Installation: Built-In

Minimum distance from gas hob: 58 cm.

VAPORE heats all the lower surfaces immediately after being turned on, bringing them to a certain temperature that prevents condensation from forming. The sucked air, still full of humidity, then passes through cold surfaces inside the hood where it releases the water contained in it, and is then collected in an internal tray. In this tank there are electronic sensors that continuously monitor the water level, stopping the hood motor as soon as the level reaches the maximum. The command LEDs flash to signal this condition. Emptying the drip tray is very simple and fast, and is performed by pressing a lever and placing a container under the drain valve. Only after having emptied the tray will the hood start working again.


  • Adjustable and delayed self-switching off: This function allows you to programme delayed cooker hood shutdown which, in the shortest time possible, provides the right level of air purity in your kitchen.
  • Light indicator for grease filter maintenance:The cooker hood automatically informs you when the metal grease filter designed for trapping grease in the air requires cleaning. It is of utmost importance to clean these filters to ensure cooker hood components are protected and to prevent bad odours caused by a build-up of grease.
  • Light indicator for the regeneration of Long Life filters: the Long Life odor filter captures all the smells present in the cooking fumes, guaranteeing pure air in your kitchen. It does not need to be replaced as frequently as a normal activated carbon filter, it can be regenerated every 3-4 months, and in any case according to the frequency of use of the hood, with a usual washing in the dishwasher at about 70 ° C without any type of detergent, followed by drying in the oven for 30 minutes at 70 ° C. To keep its efficiency high, it is recommended to replace the Long Life filter after 6/8 regeneration cycles.
  • Perimeter extraction: This consists of a mechanical system that literally forces, pushes, the cooking fumes extracted along a slit that runs along the perimeter of the cooker hood. This system increases extraction performance whilst reducing cooker hood noise emission. Design and appearance are also improved as the grease filters are no longer visible.
  • Reduction 150-125mm 



  • Long Life filtering kit: cod. 005LV03006
  • One-way valve: cod. 0051H02000

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