Installation: built-in

Minimum distance from gas hob: 50 cm.


  • Installation distance up to 50 cm from the cooking top, assuring compliance with IEC 60335-2-31/A2 publication.
  • Easy installation and/or removal from the cupboard also when installed
  • Available for cupboards of 60/75/90/120 cm.
  • Installation in wall unit from 30 to 35 cm deep.
  • Completely made in stainless steel, slim, anodized aluminium filters.
  • Body of the hood made of one single piece to avoid junction points difficult to clean.
  • Glass flap to increase its ability to capture fumes and to protect the wall unit against temperature and cooking fumes.
  • Locking metallic mechanism to avoid any damage due to grease and temperature.
  • Metallic groove to hold the bottom of the wall unit.
  • Possible installation also in wall unit with a bottom hung mechanism.
  • Possible installation also in wall unit without handle.
  • Versatility: the product can be recycling or ducted.
  • Easy to use: the particular rotary control command allows an easy and intuitive use of the product both during the ON/OFF lighting phase and during speed
  • Protection: Thanks to its structure, Optima cooker hood completely covers the lower part of the wall unit and in this way it prevents that funes and salty vapours coming from cooking will be in touch with the surfaces of the wall unit itself.
  • Washable aluminium filters: Multilayer aluminium filters, high efficiency and washable in the dishwasher.



  • Charcoal filter cod. 0051H01000
  • One-way valve cod. 0051H02000

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