Installation: ceiling

Minimum distance from gas hob: 65 cm.

  • MASAI 100/F INOX


  • Adjustable and delayed self-switching off: a feature that allows you to set the delayed shutdown of the product, so that it is restored within the shortest possible time, the right level of air cleanliness of your kitchen.
  • Light indicator for anti grease filter maintenance: Automatic warning the user of the need to clean the metal filter for the capture of fats in the air. Proper cleaning of these filters ensures protection of internal components to the hood and does not generate bad smells due to fat in time captured.
  • 24h Confort: function designed to purify air in the room when hob and hood are not used. Function that generates rhythmic cycles intake over time: 5 min ON – 25 minutes OFF and created to clean up the air by latent odors and residues such as tobacco smoke, air cleaners or other closed or stagnant. The function is easily activated and / or deactivated, or left in effect until the expiration of the time when 24H will turn off automatically.
  • Plasma filter technology: guarantees a 95% odor reduction capacity (EN 61591), as well as the total elimination of all viruses, microbes and bacteria present in the air.



No more chimneys carrying air outside the building.


No more building work required to route exhaust ducting through walls.


Considerable reduction in annual energy bills for heating and air-conditioning. In fact, in a normal ducting out hood, not only odors are expelled through the pipes, but also the heated air in winter and the cooled air in summer present in the kitchen, with greater operation of the domestic heating and air conditioning.

95% odour removal efficiency compared to 50/60% with a standard filtering hood with activated carbon filters.

100% this is the rate at which Plasma filters remove viruses, spores, bacteria, germs, etc. found in the air in the kitchen compared to 0% with a standard filtering hood with activated carbon filters.

10 YEARS this is the life of Plasma filters without needing maintenance or replacement; a standard filtering hood with activated carbon filters, on the other hand, requires filter replacement very often. So a hood with a Plasma filter clearly offers some serious savings.

CONSTANT for many years, the Plasma filter continues to deliver 95% odour removal efficiency. Whereas the efficiency of a standard activated carbon filter deteriorates very quickly (after the first 3/4 cooking sessions).


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