Simple and essential line, easily adaptable to the different aesthetic tastes, but surely innovative in the technology: a new extraordinary cooker hood is born.

From now on cooking will become an amusing and carefree time, because iHood is able to play your favorite music simply by pairing it to your smartphone  via Bluetooth.

Alternatively, with a tap, you can listen to your most beloved radio stations coming from the radio integrated in the product and, with one touch, you can even answer to phone calls, talking  handfree without the need to pick up your phone. What we can guarantee is that, if you try it, you cannot live without!

Installation: wall

Minimum distance from gas hob: 65 cm.

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  • i-HOOD 90 INOX


  • Bluetooth wireless speakers to connect all types of smartphone.
  • Digital integrated Radio inside.
  • Integrated microfone for make call/aswer hands free.
  • Second microphone for the reduction of the environmental noise.
  • Adjustable and delayed self-switching off: This function allows you to programme delayed cooker hood shutdown which, in the shortest time possible, provides the right level of air purity in your kitchen.
  • Light indicator for grease filter maintenance: The cooker hood automatically informs you when the metal grease filter designed for trapping grease in the air requires cleaning. It is of utmost importance to clean these filters to ensure cooker hood components are protected and to prevent bad odours caused by a build-up of grease
  • Light indicator for charcoal filter substitution: The cooker hood automatically informs you when the active carbon filter requires replacing. This filter is designed to absorb odours produced when cooking. It is of utmost importance to replace these filters regularly as they lose their efficiency and odour trapping performance.
  • Riduction 150-125mm



  • Charcoal filters: cod. 0051H01000
  • Design anti grease filters: cod. 005F340X280
  • One-way valve: cod. 0051H02000
  • Chimneys extension: cod. 007HBB2090

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