Extreme elegance. The use of the same material for the induction hob and for the openable flap guarantees surface continuity to the benefit of aesthetics.

  • FLY


  • Adjustable and delayed self-switching off. This function allows you to programme delayed cooker hood shutdown which, in the shortest time possible, provides the right level of air purity in your kitchen.
  • Light indicator for grease filter maintenance. The cooker hood automatically informs you when the metal grease filter designed for trapping grease in the air requires cleaning.
  • Long Life odor filter regeneration warning: Automatic warning to the user that the Long Life odor filter needs to be regenerated. Thanks to its special structure and composition, this filter can be regenerated, restoring its ability to capture odors to the best levels of effectiveness. The control panel will warn each time it is necessary to regenerate it (dishwasher + oven drying 100 ° C x 10min).
  • High-quality materials. The flap's outer surface is made from the same glass as the hob, making for a seamless look. All internal parts are made from stainless steel.
  • Functionality. The flap closes, stopping anything accidentally falling inside and preventing odours from escaping.
  • Easy cleaning. The grease filter and the steel drip pan designed to catch grease and liquids can be lifted out even with the flap in place.
    The glass flap can also be removed completely to make it easier to clean inside.
  • Not only the excess liquids resulting from the accidental fall of water during cooking, but above all the liquid that forms due to the accumulation of condensation, are collected inside a tray. An easy-to-open valve allows you to easily drain these excess liquids.
  • Operational safety. All liquids, including condensate, are collected in an internal tray complete with drain valve. An electronic sensor warns when the tray is full and, for safety reasons, stops motor operation until it has been emptied.
  • Adaptability and design freedom. The product can be installed in any base unit measuring at least 90 cm wide and 60 cm deep. It telescopes in both height and depth and, for deeper base units, the motor can easily be rotated and located at the back.
  • Installation. It is possible to install the induction hob non-flush or flush uninterrupted on the top (filotop).
  • Strategically located motor. The motor is located in the plinth, away from the user, making it quieter and easier for the induction top to be serviced by field engineers without having to remove the hob from the worktop.
  • Duct out/Recycling, with a simple kit (optional) the hood can be switched from ducting out (with tubes) to recycling (without tubes). The kit can be either with Long Life activated carbon (regenerable in the oven) or with the new Plasma technology.


  • Booster
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Over-heating protection
  • Timer



  • Filtering kit with Lonf Life filters (for up to 6 cm high kitchen plinth). Cod. 005KMP030102
  • Filtering kit with Long Life filters (for 10 cm high kitchen plinth).Cod. 005KMP030101
  • Plasma filtering Kit (for kitchen plinth from minimum 6cm). Cod. 005KMP030201
  • Ducted out installation kit (for up to 6 cm high kitchen plinth). Cod. 005KMP040000

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